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Creating Lasting Local Impacts

When we invest, we do so for the long term. Our primary goal is to build lasting relationships with employees, the community and government.

The Lundin Foundation and Lundin Gold are working together to promote women’s development and economicindependence by supporting Amazon Women’s Coffee.
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The Lundin Foundation is a registered Canadian non-profit supporting Lundin companies to improve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and develop strategic community investments that mobilize local economic opportunities and benefit surrounding communities.


Innovative Solutions

We believe communities deserve an individualized approach. Successful local solutions demand outof-the-box thinking, flexibility and an in-depth understanding of the surrounding environment. Once a joint goal is established, we provide technical expertise and flexible financing solutions to bring our collective vision to life. By focusing on the individual strengths of each community we work with, and assessing untapped market prospects, our programs ensure durable success that goes beyond project timelines.

Long-Term Impact

The impacts of our solutions are designed to multiply over time, leading to lasting community benefits. We employ a multi-year perspective to create shared value in the communities where Lundin companies operate. We strive to develop opportunities that hire local workers, procure local goods and develop local businesses to distribute benefits widely across communities. By making strategic investments in initiatives that enrich the local economy, we fuel ongoing change. At a minimum, we look three years into the future and promote continuous improvement and innovation within our long-term programs.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the heartbeat of the communities where we operate. We leverage the power of the market and together with our stakeholders, design market based solutions to increase the economic and social benefits to communities. Based on the needs of each community and program, we offer tailored financing in the form of grants, debt and equity to promote sustainable solutions. Determined and motivated to foster value, our initiatives serve to unlock this potential and empower new entrepreneurs for present and future generations.

Forging Partnerships

We form partnerships with international organizations that share our commitment to ensuring resource operations mobilize local economic opportunities and benefit surrounding communities. Our commitment includes contributing to the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Legacy Programs

Our investments continue to create meaningful results in communities once programs are transitioned to our corporate partners.


In Ecuador the Training for Operations Program implemented in partnership with Lundin Gold at Fruta del Norte in 2019 demonstrates the value of early investments in workforce training.


In Chile this 3-year Local Supplier Development Program launched in 2016 in partnership with Lundin Mining continues to supply the mine.

$11 million in goods and services

In Botswana the Foundation supported Lucara in 2018 to create and manage a community farm targeting malnutrition and youth unemployment in Mokubilo village. The farm has established a solid commercial foundation.


Building Communities

Our stories of human potential reveal the remarkable building communities impact of our programs on communities and individuals around the globe. We support them every step of the way with strategically designed programs and investments, as they take steps to enrich their lives and their communities.

A Sea Of Change

Mariano Palacious feels incredibly proud of his work and his community. Just a few years ago the Punta Frodden Fishing Union based in Caldera, Chile, was struggling with dilapidated processing facilities and institutional challenges. A combination of strategic funding, investment partners, training and access to markets completely revitalized this dying industry. The Foundation, Lundin Mining's Candelaria mine and technical specialists worked closely with Mariano, who is the union's president, to develop with other fisherfolk what has now become an important economic driver in the area.

“Things have changed 100% for us,” says Mariano. “Shipping and export to Europe was a big accomplishment, especially since COVID-19 began. Our workers at the plant are happy and I am also proud that my union is well positioned in the community.”

The Fabric of Community

In the small rural community of Los Ecuentros, Ecuador, Ruth Dolores Paccha Gualán has found her second home with her colleagues at OSBRA. Ruth is one of nine women and two men currently making quality uniforms for Lundin Gold. OSBRA is a key example of how thoughtful strategic planning between the Foundation and companies operating in rural communities can develop programs that support small businesses to become successful local suppliers and create thriving economic opportunities for individuals and families.

“I feel very good working here at OSBRA. They care about each employee and support us,” explains Ruth. “I've learned a lot working here and it's a company that gives us the opportunity to get ahead with our lives. I want to stay and grow with the company.”

Creating Opportunities Together

Entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed when a network of stakeholders comes together to support their growth. This is the heart of NEXO, a small business capacity-building program designed by the Lundin Foundation and implemented in several countries. In partnership with Bluestone Resources, Jorge Magania received training and technical assistance in a pilot program helping his family's welding and machinery repair workshop in the village of La Lima, Guatemala to be more competitive, sustainable and meet supply chain requirements of Bluestone’s Cerro Blanco mine. He sees a bright future ahead.

“If there is one thing I know about the team at Katapult is that they're going to be there supporting us,” says Fabio. “They helped us unlock larger funding opportunities. But more so, working in developing countries is a very lonely journey. To just know and feel that you have someone that will have your back and is there to help you succeed, that's incredibly powerful.”

Empowering a Bright Future

Tech entrepreneurs are helping shape the future of a low-carbon economy while making a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of communities. The Katapult Climate Accelerator Program, powered by the Lundin Foundation and Lundin Energy, supports entrepreneurs like Fabio De Pascale and his mini solar power company NXT Grid to expand their business and deepen its climate impact. The program provides training, technical expertise, mentoring, equity investment and access to an extensive global network.

"If there is one thing I know about the team at Katapult is that they're going to be there supporting us,” says Fabio. “They helped us unlock larger funding opportunities. But more so, working in developing countries is a very lonely journey. To just know and feel that you have someone that will have your back and is there to help you succeed, that/s incredibly powerful."

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* July 2022 - Lundin Energy acquired by BP Aker