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The Lundin Foundation is a Canadian non-profit created by Lukas Lundin, who had a vision for Lundin Group companies to make lasting benefits for communities impacted by resource operations.


Community Impact

The Lundin Foundation develops strategic community investments that pave the way for long-term economic prosperity. By focusing on the individual strengths of each community, and assessing untapped market opportunities, the Foundation's programs ensure durable success that goes beyond the life of an individual project. The Foundation believes communities deserve access to opportunities for growth. Successful local solutions demand out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility and an in-depth understanding of the surrounding environment.

The Foundation strives for long-term impact, empowering entrepreneurs and forging partnerships within the following pillars:

  • Environmental and Social Innovation
  • Economic Diversification
  • Local Supplier Development
  • Educations and Skills Training
Environmental and
Social Innovation
Local Supplier
Educations and
Skills Training

ESG Expertise

The Foundation cultivates expertise and knowledge that is shared across Lundin Group companies to elevate performance, maximize benefits and leave communities stronger than ever before. With an unwavering commitment to responsible resource development, the Foundation supports the development and implementation of sustainability strategies that enable organizations to remain resilient, relevant and competitive in today’s world. As pressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends emerge and regulations and disclosure requirements shift, the Foundation prioritizes ongoing learning and information sharing to ensure Lundin Group companies remain proactive and agile.

Global Impact

In 2022, our community programs supported budding entrepreneurs, local small businesses and their employees, contributing to long-term economic impacts in communities around Lundin operations. The Foundation invested $5.3 M US in 18 community programs in six countries, in addition to providing a range of ESG services to Lundin Group Companies.

Stories of Impact

Our stories of human potential reveal the remarkable impact of our programs on communities and individuals around the globe. We are proud to highlight a selection of stories from exceptional women whose experiences in 2022 demonstrate, beyond metrics, how these programs can make a difference in people’s lives.


Gladys Quispe migrated from the mountains to the Ecuadorian Amazon at the age of nine, where she settled with her family on a cocoa farm and began to make a new story in Zamora Chinchipe. Today she is a thriving local entrepreneur cultivating prized Amazonian cocoa used in high-quality chocolate products. As part of her business journey, Gladys won first place in the SOY EMPRENDEDORA (I Am an Entrepreneur) program, a business incubator making a positive impact on the lives of women living in Zamora Chinchipe province in Ecuador. Created by the Foundation and Lundin Gold in 2021, the program addresses women’s specific needs and challenges as entrepreneurs and leaders within their communities.

“It seems to me that culturally we women believe that we are only here to assist a family, a home and the upbringing of our children — but we also have many capacities and a lot of creativity,” explains Gladys. “It is important to support the entrepreneurial spirit of women and I am really very grateful to the Foundation and Lundin Gold for recognizing that.”


Sandra Pacqui was looking for a new challenge and to build her confidence when she found out about an opportunity to join the Amazon Region Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Service (SMERA) — a new company supported by the Lundin Foundation and Lundin Gold focused on employing women from the Los Encuentros community in Ecuador. Launched in early 2022, SMERA was developed from a process of technical and financial studies and currently has a workforce of 88% women who have professional roles at all levels — from partners to operators. For Sandra, this opportunity has increased her technical skills and her belief in herself.

“We were trained by an engineer from Quito, who supported me by being patient and attentive to all the opinions or doubts we had during this process,” says Sandra about the initial training.

“My experience has been beautiful, and personally, I have become a more independent and self-confident woman.”


Kalysta Sormunen exudes enthusiasm when she talks about her work as an Industrial Precision Mechanic in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Whether she’s working at a mine, paper mill or installing a turbine, Kalysta feels like she’s always learning something new. To help prepare her for such a dynamic work environment, she credits her experience with her time at The Marquette-Alger Technical Middle College (MATMC). This early college program enables public high school students to earn college credits toward an associate degree or a technical certificate while they finish high school. In partnership with Lundin Mining’s Eagle Mine, the Foundation has been supporting innovative programming with the College to increase the technical skills currently in demand in Marquette County and create jobs for local people.

“While I love my work, one of the big things I really brought away from the program was the support system. I could reach out to them for anything, whether it be school, work related, or family related, and that was a big thing that I enjoyed,” explains Kalysta. “They teach you how to be the best person to go into an interview and how to speak properly, how to write emails so that you sound professional and that’s above and beyond getting you that college degree. I feel like they really did change my life for the better.”


Appreciative of the peace and tranquility of the natural surroundings of her community, 17-year-old Judith Pinto, a high school student in the Iglesia District of Argentina, is motivated to find creative ways to protect the environment surrounding her home. According to recent studies commissioned by Josemaria, local youth struggle to realize opportunities in the Iglesia District. In response to these findings, the Lundin Foundation worked with the local team to develop a “Green World Cup” initiative or Mundialito Verde — where young people came to participate in creating innovative environmental solutions for the area. Judith, an observant young woman, notices environmental changes and sees opportunities to build awareness about sustainable solutions in her community.

“Nowadays everything is changing. From the weather up to the landscapes and more,” explains Judith. “The greatest dream, I would love that here, in Iglesia, is some kind of recycling centre that could be developed that does not pollute the environment, but, on the contrary, helps it.”

Group Total Market Cap

* July 2022 - Lundin Energy acquired by BP Aker