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Lukas H. Lundin
Lukas passed away at the age of 64 from glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

A man who made a difference in this world. Let’s continue the journey.

Lukas’ life journey was a remarkable one. Entrepreneurial, and always adventurous, he was passionate about the resource industry and its power to transform lives. From the high Andes of Argentina to the jungles of Ecuador, he pursued opportunities that led to some of the largest and most successful resource developments in the world.

His last major initiative was the establishment of the Lundin Family Brain Tumour Research Centre.

Let’s build upon his legacy.

See a map of Lukas Lundin's remarkable journey


Lundin Cancer Fund

Funding the very best in cancer research

During the course of his illness, it was recognized that there was a considerable lack of awareness of various types of cancers, particularly brain cancers, as well as a lack of funding of clinical trials and new innovative research. He and his family wanted to change that.

To fund brain and other cancer research, the Lundin family established the Lundin Cancer Fund. The mission of the Fund is to finance the very best in cancer research around the world.

The first main project that the Lundin Cancer Fund is funding is the Lundin Family Brain Tumour Research Centre at the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland (CHUV). This research centre at CHUV was founded by Lukas Lundin and his family to support innovative and cutting-edge research of brain cancers. This hospital is where Lukas was treated during his illness. The Lundin Family Brain Tumour Research Centre is pushing the boundaries of brain cancer research. They take a collaborative approach to their work and are establishing a ground-breaking open access database of clinical, omics and radiomics data that will be open to researchers around the world.

Please join us on this journey to push the boundaries of cancer research innovation.

What Is Glioblastoma?

  • A rare but very aggressive
    brain tumour
  • No known risk factors
  • Resistant to treatment

How Will the Funds Raised be Used


Expanding the Brain & Spine Tumour Centre activity from preclinical to clinical research

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials represent an important opportunity for patients to benefit from the latest advances in the field


Push innovation boundaries in Neuro-Oncology

Neuro-Oncology Research Platform

Network of centres to coordinate treatment schemes, foster exchange of ideas between clinicians and biologists, provide cutting edge translational and clinical research and promote individualized therapy for brain cancer patients


Local and international collaborations in neuro-oncology


Push the boundaries of knowledge and accelerate the development of solutions

Top Three Clinical Trial Projects

  • Engineering T cell therapies
  • Disrupting the blood brain barrier (BBB) to treat brain tumours
  • Launching a clinical trial platform

Lundin Family Committed to Funding Brain Cancer Research Over the Long Term

Lukas’ sons, Harry, Adam, Jack and William, would like to work with his friends and colleagues to build upon and carry forward this important legacy.

The Lundin Cancer Fund, CHUV funding initiative and climbing Mount Everest to raise awareness of brain cancer are all a tribute to their dad as well as in honour of those still battling these aggressive cancers.

Lukas’ life journey was a truly remarkable one.

We want to honour Lukas by helping to fund cutting edge research at one of the top cancer research hospitals in the world, ultimately allowing for more widely available and effective treatment options around the world.

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Our goal is to make a high impact investment in brain cancer research that significantly benefits patients and for them to know that they are not alone in their fight.